About Us

Our Vision

While we are a bully breed rescue, it is our vision to make the best life & situation every time, one homeless, abandoned, neglected animal at a time – regardless of the breed.

Our Story

After many years helping, assisting, networking, fostering with other rescues…we decided it was time to make a change.

Being in rescue since 2000, there were many aspects that needed help. There is, unfortunately, more than enough homeless, abandoned, neglected animals sitting in cold shelters – alone – day in day out, while back yard breeders continue senseless breeding.

I have spent 22+ years working with other rescues & shelters, helping any way I could.

TUFF DAWGS RESCUE was born September 16, 2018. We want to really make a difference, even if it is one dog at a time. We want to be their voice, at all costs.

Right now, there are more than enough homeless, abandoned dogs out there that need homes.


Rescue work is rewarding & fulfilling.

However, it is not a funded project. We can only do the things we need to do with your support.

We have many fundraising partners we work with. Sometimes, that is just not enough. Especially in these trying times of COVID 19.

Tuff Dawgs Rescue Inc – needs your help. We need the community’s support. We need the generous donations to continue our work.

If you would like to donate directly, please donate via our secure account @



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